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Which color has the most energy?
a) Red b) Blue c) Green d) Violet (purple)
What is the Law of Reflection?
a) Light can be reflected b) The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection c) Waves are allowed to overlap d) The angle of incidence is supplementary to the angle of reflection
What is interference?
a) Wave interaction that occurs when two or more waves overlap b) Allows you to see objects that don’t produce their own light c) When waves are bouncing off eachother d) The bending of waves
What is not true about mechanical waves?
a) It transfers sound energy b) It needs a medium c) Particles travel back and forth in same direction d) Particles travel perpendicular to wave motion
When a singer is singing at a specific frequency, it cause a glass to vibrate. What type of wave interaction is this?
a) Reflection b) Diffraction c) Resonance d) Refraction
Which type of image is formed when looking in a plane mirror?
a) Real image b) Virtual image c) Light reflected image d) Distorted image
What is happening when light beams move apart?
a) The light is diverging b) The light is converging c) The light is getting refracted d) The light is going to meet at a focal point eventually
Which object is transparent?
a) Brick b) Wax Paper c) Window d) Stained Glass
What is diffraction?
a) When a wave bends as it passes at an angle from one medium to another b) When a light wave transfers some of its energy to particles of matter c) When a wave bends around a barrier or through an opening d) When two or more waves overlap
Which color is getting reflected in a green shirt?
a) Blue b) Red c) Green d) Yellow
Which type of light on the Electromagnetic Spectrum is the safest?
a) Microwaves b) Radio Waves c) X-Rays d) Visible Light
Which object can be used to demonstrate how a transverse wave works?
a) Slinky b) Rope c) Microwave d) Television
Suppose a wave has a velocity of 125 centimeters/second and a frequency of 25 Hertz, what is its wavelength?
a) 5 meters b) 625 inches c) 5 centimeters d) 625 centimeters
What happens as a wave gets a higher frequency?
a) The wave has less energy b) The pitch gets lower c) The wavelength gets shorter d) None of the above
What is the frequency of a wave with a speed of 15 meters/second and a wavelength of 0.5 meters?
a) 30 Watts b) 7.5 Hz c) 30 Hz d) 7.5 Watts
What is the amplitude in a transverse wave?
a) Maximum distance from the crest to the trough b) Maximum distance from the crest to the rest position c) Maximum distance from one crest to an adjacent crest d) None of the above
How do you find the wavelength on a longitudinal wave?
a) Measure from one compression to an adjacent rarefaction b) Measure from one compression to an adjacent compression c) Measure the speed of the wave d) Measure the amount of waves that pass per second
A tuning fork has a frequency of 10 Hz and travels a wavelength of 25 meters. Calculate the wave speed.
a) 2.5 meters/second b) 250 meters/second c) 250 waves/second d) 0.4 meters/second
What type of wave interaction is happening when you look into water and see objects in the water appear distorted?
a) Diffraction b) Refraction c) Absorption d) Scattering
Which type of light is there least of on the Electromagnetic Spectrum?
a) Ultarviolet b) Gamma Rays c) Visible Light d) Infrared
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