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the court case, murphy v. State of NC, is heard by which branch of government?
a) executive b) judicial c) d)
mark is arrested after the discovery of a plane he flew from nicaragua to mami contained 75 pound of cocaine. which federal agency has jurisdiction?
a) FBI b) DEA c) d)
a US man is a member of the House of Representative. the position of representative is a part of which branch of government?
a) legislative b) executive c) d)
after a terrorist bombing attack, which federal agency has jurisdiction to assist with clean up and recovery?
a) homeland security - HLS b) FBI c) d)
a russian national does a bank robbery, which federal agency has jurisdiction for apprehension of this federal fugitive?
a) FBI b) US Marshall c) d)
terrorist plans to destroy a national monument, which federal agency has jurisdiction to investigate?
a) HLS b) USM - US Marshall c) d)
If a citizen transfer money to international terrorist organization; which agency has jurisdiction to investigate?
a) FBI b) HLS c) d)
Who has the jurisdiction to protect the courts judges?
a) USM b) DEA c) d)
if a state employee is accused of embezzelment; which agency will investigate?
a) NC SBI b) DEA c) d)
Which agency has more power than the president and vice president ?
a) Local court b) US supreme court c) d)
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