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Not fully aware; occuring below your level of thinking and awareness
a) subconscious b) subirrigate c) subdue d) submerge
under the skin
a) subcutaneous b) subject c) submerge d) subirrigate
to bring under control
a) subdue b) submerge c) subconscious d) subfreezing
below freezing point
a) subfreezing b) subject c) subirrigate d) submarine
to water something from under the ground
a) subirrigate b) submerge c) submarine d) subject
to put under someone else's control
a) subject b) submarine c) subway d) submerge
a watercraft that stays under water
a) submarine b) subirrigate c) subcutaneous d) subway
to put under water
a) submerge b) subirrigate c) subway d) subject
a person who is under someone else in rank or importance
a) subordinate b) subway c) sumcutaneous d) subirrigate
a passageway under the ground; an electric underground railway
a) subway b) subirrigate c) subcutaneous d) subordinate
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