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Which of the following is a renewable energy source?
a) coal b) oil c) uranium d) biomass
When an atom is split, the proper science term for this is:
a) nuclear fission b) nuclear energy transformation c) creation of thermal energy d) atomic division
Non-renewable sources of energy include:
a) fossil fuels b) biomass c) hydropower d) wind
Which of the following statements is true?
a) X-rays have longer wavelengths that microwaves. b) Radio waves have shorter wavelengths than X-rays. c) Gamma rays have longer wavelengths than UV rays. d) Gamma rays have shorter wavelengths than microwaves.
Where on the electromagnetic spectrum is visible light found?
a) between x-rays and UV rays b) between X-rays and gamma rays c) between infrared rays and UV rays d) between radio waves and microwaves
A wave with low frequency would have relatively ______________.
a) low energy and a long wavelength b) low energy and a short wavelength c) high energy and a long wavelength d) high energy and a short wavelength
Which electromagnetic wave is produced by warm objects?
a) ultraviolet b) visible c) infrared d) thermal
Which electromagnetic wave is used for communication between cell phones?
a) radio waves b) microwaves c) infrared d) gamma rays
Which electromagnetic waves have the highest amount of energy?
a) x-rays b) radio waves c) visible waves d) gamma rays
Which electromagnetic wave is closest to the visible spectrum?
a) ultraviolet b) radio c) gamma d) microwaves
Which color in the visible spectrum has the shortest wavelength?
a) red b) violet c) blue d) yellow
Which electromagnetic waves have the longest wavelength and lowest frequency?
a) visible b) gamma c) radio d) ultraviolet
What type of waves does sunscreen protect against?
a) X-rays b) ulraviolet c) infrared d) radio waves
What is the fuel for a hydroelectric power plant?
a) coal b) wind c) water d) uranium
What are the two types of energy?
a) Mechanical and Thermal b) Renewable and Non-renewable c) Potential and Kinetic d) Wind and Solar
How does the sun produce energy?
a) nuclear fission b) nuclear fusion c) supernova d) hydroelectric
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