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The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law by which US president?
a) John F. Kennedy b) Lyndon B. Johnson c) Richard M. Nixon d) William J. Clinton
Who was the first black mayor of Atlanta, Georgia?
a) Andrew Young b) Kasim Reed c) Maynard H. Jackson d) William Hartsfield
Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a famous speech entiotled
a) I Have a Dream b) The Atlanta Compromise c) There is a Promised Land d) A Letter to Rosa
Which event established Martin Luther King, Jr. as a national leader in civil rights?
a) The Bus Boycott of Montgomery, Alabama b) The March to Washington c) His assassination in Memphis, Tennessee d) The Albany Movement
The purpose of the March on Washington was
a) to protest the treatment of blacks in the military. b) to protest segregation in public schools. c) to demonstrate support of the civil rights movment. d) to force the President to sign the Civil Rights Act.
Which court case resulted in the first integration of US public schools?
a) Plessy vs. Ferguson b) The Dred Scott decision c) The Bus Boycott of Montgomery, Alabama d) Brown vs. BOE
Which US civil rights leader was known for his non-violent approach to civil rights?
a) Malcolm X b) Mohandas Gandhi c) Martin Luther King, Jr. d) Mother Theresa
Civil rights for US citizens is guaranteed by the
a) 13th amendment b) 14th amendment c) 15th amendment d) 18th amendment
Which Supreme Court ruling supported separate-but-equal?
a) Brown vs. BOE b) Plessy vs. Ferguson c) Scott vs US Government d) Parks vs the State of Alabama
What happened to schools that refused to integrate their student population?
a) They were denied government funds. b) They were shut down. c) Their principal was fired. d) They were fined $5,000.
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