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The biggest part of the brain, has the left and right hemispheres
a) Cerebrum b) Hypothalamus c) Pituitary Gland d) Brain Stem
Controls your body temperature, thirst, and hunger
a) Thalamus b) Hypothalamus c) Brain Stem d) Cerebellum
Controls your growth and development
a) Brain Stem b) Thalamus c) Cerebellum d) Pituitary Gland
The part that connects your brain to the rest of your body
a) Cerebellum b) Cerebrum c) Brain Stem d) Thalamus
The part of your brain that makes you feel pain
a) Thalamus b) Brain Stem c) Pituitary Gland d) Cerebrum
The part of your brain that tells your muscles to move
a) Cerebellum b) Cerebrum c) Hypothalamus d) Pituitary Gland
The brain is part of what system?
a) Nervous b) Skeletal c) Muscular d) Digestive
The biggest part of the brain is the________.
a) thalamus b) brain stem c) pituitary gland d) cerebrum
What does the thalamus do?
a) Connects your brain to the rest of your body b) Makes you feel pain c) Tells your muscles to move d) Controls your body temperature.
What does the brain stem do?
a) Makes you grow b) Makes you hungry c) Connects the brain to the rest of the body d) Makes you feel pain
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