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Which of the following is NOT an example of RNA
a) mRNA b) cRNA c) tRNA d) rRNA
What are the sides of the ladder (DNA) made of?
a) phosphate and sugar b) flour and sugar c) sugar and phosphate d) aminos and phosphae
Ribosomes are made of this kind of RNA.
a) mRNA b) tRNA c) rRNA d)
This RNA is responsible for transferring amino acids to the ribosome.
a) mRNA b) rRNA c) tRNA d)
This RNA has a message for the ribosome.
a) mRNA b) rRNA c) tRNA d)
Match the base pairs of the DNA strand. GAC
a) CTG b) GAC c) CAG d) TCA
DNA is sometimes called
a) a double helix b) a twisted ladder c) twisted spaghetti d) A and B
What two men made a model of the DNA structure
a) Crick and Franklin b) Franklin and Watson c) Edison and Curie d) Crick and Watson
The base pairs for DNA are made of
a) sugar b) phosphate c) nitrogen d) amino acids
What is the code that contains information for an organism's growth and development
a) tRNA b) rRNA c) DNA d) RNA
An example of a nucleic acid is
a) DNA b) thymine c) enzyme d) gene
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