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I watched the man ____________ into a giant cockroach!
a) manipulate b) mutate c) completion d) cautious
When the teacher called me to his classroom, I thought I was in trouble, so I ______________ly walked through the door.
a) hypocrite b) occupant c) mutate d) sheepish
I had to ____________ my sister about taking clothes from my closet
a) manipulate b) cautious c) confront d) sheepish
I pushed myself to the ____________ amount of energy in gym class.
a) maximum b) completion c) stamina d) occupant
The _____________ of the seat left, so I took it.
a) stamina b) mutate c) occupant d) hypocrite
He had the ___________ of a hundred men.
a) cautious b) confront c) occupant d) stamina
Don't be such a ____________! You know that you took just as many cookies as I did!
a) sheepish b) hypocrite c) manipulate d) mutate
My brother ____________ed me into doing his chores for the day.
a) manipulate b) mutate c) hypocrite d) confront
At the _____________ of the race, I collapsed from exhaustion.
a) stamina b) cautious c) completion d) confront
You need to be ____________ when walking on the ice.
a) confront b) cautious c) completion d) mutate
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