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I didn't mean to ____________ your paper, but you have a lot of spelling errors.
a) recede b) apparel c) criticize d) mimic
Lying to my parents put me in an _________ situation.
a) adverse b) independent c) encompass d) criticize
My favorite time of day is when the sun starts to ___________ behind the mountains.
a) mimic b) comprehend c) illustrate d) recede
The cascading waterfall and chirping birds made the forest feel ____________.
a) adverse b) serene c) independent d) apparel
My teacher asked me to ____________ the cover for our yearbook.
a) mimic b) adverse c) illustrate d) comprehend
The love of God is too immense for us to ____________.
a) comprehend b) mimic c) illustrate d) adverse
I don't like when my sister ___________s the way I talk.
a) illustrate b) comprehend c) serene d) mimic
I wore the wrong ___________ to the restaurant.
a) adverse b) serene c) apparel d) illustrate
My mom says I am too _____________ because I will never ask for help.
a) independent b) adverse c) mimic d) serene
My history class _______________es both Ancient Empires and Geography.
a) illustrate b) encompass c) mimic d) criticize
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