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Chromosomes that are the same size, shape, and carry the same genes are called
a) autosomes b) sex chromosomes c) chromatids d) homologous chromosomes
The center of a chromosome where spindle fibers attach during metaphase is called the
a) chromatid b) tetrad c) centromere d) synapsis
A group of two homologous chromosomes during meiosis is known as
a) tetrad b) centromere c) polar bodies d) gamete
Genetic recombination occurs during _______________.
a) anaphase I b) prophase I c) anaphase II d) prophase II
Meiosis I produces _____________ cells.
a) 2 diploid cells b) 4 haploid cells c) 2 haploid cells d) 4 diploid cells
The phase of mitosis where chromosomes move to the equator of the cell is called ___________.
a) anaphase b) telophase c) metaphase d) interphase
In a normal diploid cell, _____ chromosomes are autosomes.
a) 23 b) 46 c) 44 d) 2
Another name for a sex cell is _________.
a) gamete b) autostome c) diploid d) ovum
A normal human diploid cell has _____ chromosomes.
a) 23 b) 8 c) 16 d) 46
DNA is able to fit inside the nucleus of a cell by help of
a) nonhistones b) histones c) centromeres d) chromatids
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