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There was an ___________ amount of snow on the ground.
a) misgiving b) immense c) ingenious d) instantaneous
When it comes to playing soccer, I am completely _________.
a) famished b) oaf c) inept d) forsake
I think God put little brothers on the planet just to ________ us.
a) irk b) oaf c) inept d) famish
God will never ____________ me!
a) oaf b) douse c) immense d) forsake
The tone of the text was _____________; I thought my friend was mad at me.
a) misgiving b) famished c) inept d) oaf
Another name for a couch potato is an ________.
a) inept b) ingenious c) oaf d) douse
It's so hot! I wish I could ___________ myself with water!
a) forsake b) douse c) famish d) irk
After not eating for two days, the man must have been __________!
a) ingenious b) instantaneous c) inept d) famished
I like taking computer tests because the results are ______________.
a) instantaneous b) ingenious c) misgiving d) immense
Albert Einstein was _____________, yet he failed out of school.
a) irk b) oaf c) immense d) ingenious
The love of God is too __________ for me to comprehend.
a) misgiving b) famished c) immense d) ingenious
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