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When he broke his ankle, it was _________________ to watch
a) excruciating b) feeble c) scour d) sagacity
I watched the cockroach ___________ across the floor
a) palaver b) cultivate c) notion d) scuttle
After I had pneumonia, I was too ___________ to play outside.
a) excruciating b) notion c) feeble d) scour
To _____________ good crops, you must till the soil.
a) scour b) cultivate c) notion d) palaver
I had the strangest ____________ that I could fly.
a) palaver b) feeble c) notion d) sagacity
I was not using ______________ when I cheated on the test.
a) sagacity b) notion c) cultivate d) palaver
I had to __________ the shower with bleach.
a) cultivate b) scour c) infinite d) feeble
The library an _____________ amount of resources
a) feeble b) sagacity c) infinite d) palaver
Even though I couldn't see anyone, I had the ___________ that I was not alone in the room.
a) sagacity b) palaver c) notion d) cultivate
I had a ____________ with my group so that we could discuss roles.
a) cultivate b) scuttle c) notion d) palaver
I practiced ___________ by looking both ways before crossing the street.
a) sagacity b) notion c) palaver d) feeble
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