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Hi Elton
a) I love you b) c) d)
Why did the chicken cross the road
a) so he wouldn't hear another dumb theory. b) c) d)
Fill in the blank. __________s written on the rock walls of the cave help us imagine what life was like in primitive times. Hint: picture or drawing
a) artless b) rhapsody c) pictograph d)
When expressing powerful feelings in a long, formal poem, or _________ poets have chosen such subjects as solitude, evening, and the west wind. Hint: poem
a) incantation b) pictograph c) ode d)
Fill in the blank. Detective Sherlock Holmes is always capable of ______ more subtle than that of the criminal he pursues. Hint: skill
a) parody b) artifice c) ode d)
Arrowheads and pottery are two kinds of ________s that inform us about early Native American culture in the United States. Hint: relic
a) artisan b) artifact c) pictograph d)
Fill in the blank. Casey at the Bat is a familiar verse that lends itself well to comic imitations or __________ Hint: A humorous imitation.
a) pictograph b) pictograph c) incantation d)
Fill in the blank. The American painter Mary Cassatt ______ed family scenes and intimate interiors. Hint: To paint, draw.
a) depicted b) recanted c) incanted d)
FFill in the blank. The Toltecs of northern Mexico were master __________s who decorated palace walls with horizontal bands of mythological figures. Hint skilled craftsman.
a) pictographs b) artisans c) artifacts d)
Dogs are
a) nice b) evil c) d)
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