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James offered another ____________ excuse as to his whereabouts.
a) march b) lame c) stern d) dear
The bird could not fly because of its ____________ wing.
a) burned b) stern c) page d) lame
Bob is a ____________ who assists the senator.
a) dear b) dearly c) page d) march
My grandma is a ____________.
a) dear b) page c) criminal d) march
Jeff ____________ all the extra calories during his long swim.
a) lame b) ran c) burned d) took
Books were ____________ in protest of their contents.
a) dear b) burned c) page d) dearly
The book was so exciting I couldn't wait to read the next ____________.
a) dearly b) burned c) dear d) page
The repairman worked on the propeller at the ____________ of the boat.
a) stern b) page c) lame d) dear
The teacher gave us a ____________ gaze for talking so much
a) march b) dearly c) stern d) dear
My mom was born in ____________ of 1932.
a) dearly b) march c) March d) page
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