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While pondering a jigsaw puzzle, __________________ joked, I'm in a jam; maybe I need a jackhammer to drive this piece in.
a) John b) Jean c) James d) Jose
Sherry shopped for sugar and shoes to share with Cheryl on the __________________.
a) truck b) automobile c) trio d) ship
Yesterday Yolanda's youngest __________________ yawned and yelped.
a) yearling b) yarn c) yoyo d) yum yum
__________________ went walking in the woods.
a) Jean b) Chip c) We d) Jim
Bobby bit into __________________ bread.
a) the b) fruit c) good d) buttered
Wistfully wishing for a friend, Wanda __________________ woefully.
a) jumped b) ran c) wept d) flew
Five funny friendly friends find fruit in the __________________ on a frigid Friday.
a) forest b) tree c) house d) car
Fay __________________ on five fast flights.
a) rode b) flew c) took d) flowed
__________________ chewed on chocolate covered candies, carrots, cake, and corn at the centennial celebration?
a) Ben b) Tom c) Jim d) Carly
Johnny __________________ Jerry's junior jamboree.
a) sold b) joined c) Jean d) took
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