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What is the bond called that connects water molecules; it goes from the + hydrogen end of one molecule to the negative end of another?
a) hydrogen bond b) covalent bond c) ionic bond d) chemical bond
Which of the following water properties CANNOT be explained by hydrogen bonds?
a) transparency b) surface tension c) capillary action d) ice is less dense than water
The property of water due to the fact that water molecules are attracted to each other is called
a) cohesion b) adhesion c) capillary action d) high heat capacity
The property of water that describes how water sticks to other objects is called
a) adhesion b) cohesion c) capillary action d) ice is less dense
The leaves on the celery turned red because of this water property
a) capillary action b) high heat capacity c) cohesion d) transparency
The reason why the Earth has a mild climate is that this property of water allows the ocean's to stay the same temperature most of the time.
a) heat capacity b) cohesion c) adhesion d) capillary action
What does water do when it freezes, which is unusual?
a) expands b) contracts c) melts d) gets transparent
What property of water allows fish to stay alive in lakes during the winter?
a) ice is less dense than water b) capillary action c) heat capacity d) cohesion
Why is water considered to be a universal solvent?
a) it dissolves more things than any other liquid on earth b) it can dissolve everything c) it can dissolve anything in the univers d) we use it to clean
We did an experiment with pennies? What property of water was changed by the soapy water
a) surface tension b) universal solvent c) transparency d) capillary action
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