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Preschool children learn about written language
a) using simple readers b) when it is part of their life c) using preschool workbooks d) during daily small groups
Fingerplays are usually
a) poems the child acts out with hand movements b) demonstrations of large motor activities c) presentations with puppets d) manipulative games played by children
If a child asks a question during storytelling, the caregiver should
a) ask the child to be quiet b) ignore the child c) answer the question only if it pertains to the story d) accept the interruptions and answer questions patiently
The principal professional organization in the early childhood field is
a) NAEYC(National Association for the Education of Young Children) b) CDF(Children\'s Defense Fund) c) CDA(Child Development Association) d) NEA(National Education Association)
The majority of staff/parent cammunication during the school year is
a) formal and well planned b) not considered to be important c) conducted during nap time d) informal in nature
A parent may become actively involved in the program by
a) administering medications b) volunteering in the center c) sending a donation d) driving the school bus
Following a situation where a child has behaved inappropriately, the caregiver's attitude and words should convey that she/he
a) forgives the child after an apology is given b) doesn't forgive the child but understands that mistakes can happen c) doesn't accept the problem behavior but accepts the child d) forgives the child when the child says he/she won't do it again
The use of physical punishment by the staff of a child care center is
a) a lesson the child will long remember b) never an appropriate action c) sometimes appropriate action d) sometimes worth the risk of being sued
When two preschool children fight over a toy, it is a good idea to
a) promise to buy another toy b) help children find a solution c) remove the toy entirely d) ask who had it first
Reading the expressions in children's eyes and faces is a/an
a) nonverbal communication skill b) unneccassary skill c) anecdotal skill d) verbal communication skill
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