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How long is an Illinois Representative's term?
a) 2 years b) 3 years c) 4 years d) 10 years
Where do all court cases start?
a) State Appellate Court b) State Circuit Court c) State Supreme Court d) U.S Supreme Court
The main job of the Legislative Branch is the
a) Interpret the laws b) Break the laws c) Enforce/Carry out the laws d) Make the laws
The General Assembly is made up of the ______ and the ______
a) Senate and House of Representatives b) Congress and State House of Representatives c) State Senate and State House of Representatives d) State Senate and House of Representatives
When was Illinois admitted as a state?
a) March 4, 2014 b) December 3, 1818 c) November 18, 1673 d) October 15, 1818
Illinois was the _____st admitted to the Union
a) 21 b) 42 c) 12 d) 18
What is the main job of the Secretary of State
a) Handle the state's finances b) provide legal representation for elected officials c) State banker d) Maintain all official records
Who is the Secretary of State?
a) Jesse White b) Jesse Jackson c) Jesse Owens d) John Kennedy
What is the main body of the state legislative branch?
a) Governor b) Congress c) General Assembly d) State Supreme Court
What is the main job of the Executive Branch?
a) Make Laws b) Interpret Laws c) Enforce/Carry out laws d) Break laws
What is the state animal?
a) Rabbit b) White Tailed Deer c) Brown squirrel d) Chipmunk
What is the state bird of Illinois?
a) cardinal b) blue jay c) robin d) red bird
Who is the governor of Illinois?
a) Rahm Emmanuel b) Bruce Rauner c) Jesse White d) Pat Quinn
Which court is the highest?
a) State Supreme Court b) State Circuit court c) State appellate court d) Cook County Court
Which of the following is NOT a qualification to be Governor?
a) 25 years old b) Live in the state 3 years prior to election c) U.S citizen d) 21 years old
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