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First appearance of the devil
a) Garden of Eden b) c) d)
Origin of the devil
a) For by Him (Jesus) were all thigns created b) c) d)
Was created good
a) The devil b) c) d)
Some names of the devil
a) Satan, Beelzebub, Prince of this world, Serpent, Adversary b) c) d)
Not the devil's name
a) Lucifer b) c) d)
Tempted Eve to sin
a) The devil b) c) d)
Brought death into this world
a) Adam and Eve's sin b) c) d)
From the beginning Satan was
a) A murderer b) c) d)
Steals the word from men's hearts
a) The devil b) c) d)
The devil seeks to devour men
a) As a roaring lion b) c) d)
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