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a substance that has a regular shape with many sides and is formed when the substance becomes solid
a) lava b) crystal formation c) magma d) mineral
The molten rock material under the earth's crust, from which igneous rock is formed by cooling
a) lava b) crystal formation c) magma d) mineral
hot liquid rock which comes out of the Earth through a volcano
a) lava b) crystal formation c) magma d) mineral
a solid natural material that has a crystal form and its own set of properties
a) crystal formation b) lava c) magma d) mineral
the color of a mineral in powder form
a) magma b) streak c) lava d) crystal formation
how the surface of a mineral appears when it reflects light
a) magma b) lava c) crystal formation d) luster
relative ability of a solid, such as a mineral, to resist scratching
a) hardness b) streak c) crystal formation d) lava
a solid mixture of minerals that were formed in Earth’s crust
a) magma b) lava c) rock d) hardness
one of the pieces of Earth’s rocky crust that rests and moves on the semi-liquid mantle
a) mineral b) rock c) tectonic plate d) plate tectonics
the study of lithospheric plates, their movements, and Earth features that they affect.
a) plate tectonics b) tectonic plate c) hardness d) mineral
The geological processes such as tectonic plate movement and volcanic activity
a) magma b) mineral c) rock d) mountain building
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