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What portion of Congress must approve a constitutional amendment in order to approve it to go to the states?
a) two-thirds b) three-fourths c) three-fifths d) one-half
Immediately following the American Revolution, which document was written to help unify the thirteen states?
a) United States Consitution b) Declaration of Independence c) Articles of the Confederation d) The Great Compromise
Delegates from twelve of the thirteen states met to discuss a new system of government. This convention of delegates was led by which man?
a) John Adams b) Thomas Jeffereson c) George Washington d) James Madison
The relationship between the three branches of government that prevents one from gaining too much power is called a system of ______.
a) debits and credits b) Checks and balances c) give and take d) supply and demand
What is the period of time Congress usually puts on the ratification of a constitutional amendment?
a) ten years b) seven months c) seven years d) one month
States are allowed to make their own laws as long as ______.
a) they agree with laws in other states b) they agree with the United States Constitution c) the president approves them d) congress approves them
Which of the following are states forbidden to do in the constitution?
a) coining money b) the power to declare war c) all listed d) the power to enter into treaties with foreign countries
What are the three parts to the United States Constitution?
a) Preamble, Amendments, and the Conclusion b) Main Idea, Body, and Conclusion c) Preamble, Articles, and Amendments d) Beginning, Middle, and End
What portion of the states must approve a constitutional amendment in order to ratify it?
a) one-half b) three-fourths c) two-thirds d) three-fifths
A Supreme Court case must be decided by a ______ vote.
a) majority b) minority c) public d) unanimous
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