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What is occurring when a sperm fuses with an egg?
a) fertilization b) pollination c) asexual reproduction d) nothing
What is occuring when pollen is moved from anthers to stigmas?
a) pollination b) fertilization c) seed production d) asexual reproduction
What is the purpose of fruits?
a) protect a seed and distribute it b) carry an egg c) make pollen d) help with fertilization
In which of the following conditions would a seed stay dormant?
a) cold temperatures b) drought c) all of the choices d) no air
What part of the seed grows first
a) roots b) stem c) flowers d) 2 of the choices
Most seeds need water, air, and warm temperatures to
a) germinate b) become inactive c) grow flowers d) reproduce asexually
Which part of a flower develops into a fruit?
a) ovary b) ovule c) pollen d) stigma
Plants may produce _______________, above ground stems to reproduce asexually
a) runners b) plantlets c) tubers d) flowers
Plants may produce _______________ along the edges of their leaves to reproduce asexually
a) plantlets b) tubers c) runners d) flowers
Plants may produce __________________, underground stems to reproduce asexually
a) tubers b) plantlets c) runners d) flowers
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