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What is the vascular tissue that transports water and nutrients in a vascular plant?
a) xylem b) phloem c) stems d) roots
What is the structure that transports food to all parts of vascular plants?
a) phloem b) xylem c) stems d) roots
Which of the following is not a function of roots?
a) roots supply plants with water b) roots hold plants in the soil c) roots store extra food d) roots are involved in asexual reproduction
Which structure in roots increases the surface area of the root?
a) root hairs b) epidermis c) root cap d) 2 of the choices
Which of the following root system is found in monocots and gets water fro close to the soil surface?
a) fibrous root system b) vascular root system c) taproot system d) nonvascular root system
What kind of plant structure is soft, thin, flexible, and supports the plants body?
a) herbaceous stem b) woody stem c) vegetable stem d) none of the choices
In what part of a leaf does photosynthesis take place in?
a) palisade layer b) spongy layer c) cuticle d) epidermis
Which of the following is true regarding sepals and petals?
a) sepals are the outermost rings b) sepals are the colored, leaf-shaped parts of a flower c) petals protect a bud d) petals are modified leaves
What is the name of the female reproductive structure in a flower?
a) pistil b) ovule c) ovary d) style
What part of a flower produces pollen?
a) anther b) filament c) ovary d) ovule
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