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What kind of plate boundary occurs where two plates grind past each other without destroying or producing lithosphere?
a) transform fault boundary b) divergent boundary c) convergent boundary d) transitional boundary
The main source of downward convection flow in the mantle is called
a) ridge pull b) slab pull c) slab push d) ridge push
Which of the following is NOT considered to be a rock?
a) coal b) sandstone c) pumice d) lava
The process that occurs when physical forces break rock into smaller pieces without changing the rock's chemical composition is called
a) differential weathering b) chemical weathering c) mechanical weathering d) erosion
The primary agent of contact metamorphism is
a) flowing water b) heat c) extreme pressure d) weathering
Which of the following was NOT used in support of the continental drift hypothesis?
a) fossil evidence b) composition of meteorites c) ancient climate d) fit of South America and Africa
Sedimentary rocks with ripple marks suggest that the rocks formed
a) along a beach or stream bed b) when ancient animals walked over them c) from the shell fragments of ancient sea-dwelling animals d) when wet mud dried and shrank
A rock that forms from cooling lava is classified as an
a) intrusive igneous rock b) extrusive metamorphic rock c) extrusive igneous rock d) intrusive volcanic rock
Mohs scale is used to determine what property of minerals?
a) cleavage b) density c) hardness d) luster
According to the theory of plate tectonics
a) the asthenosphere is divided into plates b) the lithosphere is divided into plates c) the asthenosphere moves over the lithosphere d) the asthenosphere is strong and rigid
Which of the following is an example of a renewable resource?
a) cotton b) copper c) natural gas d) coal
A drainage basin is
a) the channel of a stream b) the land covered by floodwaters c) the land area that contributes water to a stream d) all streams that flow directly into an ocean
The process responsible for moving material downslope under the influence of gravity is called
a) erosion b) weathering c) mass movement d) soil formation
What type of boundary occurs where two plates move together, causing one plate to decend into the mantle beneath the other plate?
a) transform fault boundary b) divergent boundary c) convergent boundary d) transitional boundary
The apperance or quality of light reflected from the surface of a mineral called
a) streak b) luster c) color d) cleavage
What forms when one oceanic plate is forced beneath another plate?
a) an ocean basin b) an ocean ridge c) a subduction zone d) a rift valley
Fossils are only found in
a) intrusive igneous rock b) foliated metamorphic rocks c) sedimentary rocks d) nonfoliated metamorphic rocks
Icebergs are produced when large pieces of ice break off from the front of a glacier during a process called
a) wastage b) plucking c) accumulation d) calving
A bowl shaped depression at the head of a glacial valley is a(n)
a) glacial trough b) arete c) horn d) cirque
Why can the removal of vegetation trigger mass movements?
a) the soil loses nutrients and begins to crumble b) the plant roots bind the soil and regolith together c) the shaking triggers mass movement d) the plant roots lubriate the loose sediment
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