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He was the First African American to play Jazz
a) true b) false c) d)
What was his wifes name?
a) Jesse White b) Brenda Kind c) Daisy Parker d)
Where was he born
a) New Orleans Louisiana b) Los Angeles c) none of the above d)
What kind of music did he play?
a) Rap b) Jazz c) Rock d)
What was not a song of his?
a) Bad Bad b) La Via En Rose c) What a Wonderful World d)
What insturment did he play most of his life?
a) Piano b) Trumpet c) Neither d) both
When did he die?
a) July 6,1966 b) July 6,1971 c) July 6,1981 d)
When was LouIs Armstrong born?
a) August 4,1905 b) August 10,1901 c) August 4,1901 d)
What was his nick name?
a) Trumpet man b) King Jazz c) Ambassador Satch d)
What year was he married?
a) 1918 b) 1912 c) 1920 d)
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