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Who can get Aids
a) Females b) Males c) Gay people d) Anyone
What is the function of the prostate gland?
a) Gives the sperm sugar b) Gives the sperm acid c) Gives the egg acid d) Gives the egg sugar
What is the function of the epididymis?
a) Where eggs are stored b) Where sperm is produced c) Where fertilization takes place d) Where sperm mature
What is the cervix?
a) Opening to the womb b) Where fertilization takes place c) Stores the eggs d) Where sperm is produced
Another name for the womb?
a) Fallopian Tube b) Cervix c) Uterus d) Ovary
What is the function of the cowpers gland?
a) Where sperm mature b) The head of the penis c) Gives off a milky fluid and mixes with the sperm d) Where eggs are stored
What is the function of the Fallopian Tubes?
a) Where fertilization takes place b) Where semen comes out the penis c) Stores the female eggs d) Where sperm matures
What is the function of the Seminal Vesicle?
a) Gives the sperm acid b) Stores the sperm c) Stores the ovaries d) Give the sperm sugar
When an egg is released from an ovary each month
a) Fertilization b) Menstruation c) Hemophilia d) Ovulation
What is the function of the testicles?
a) Where sperm mature b) To store the eggs c) Where sperm is produced d) To store semen
What is the function of the ovaries?
a) To store semen b) To store sperm c) To give the sperm acid d) To store the eggs
What is part of the male reproductive system
a) Ovary b) Menstruation c) Semen d) Ovulation
Where is the HIV virus found
a) Vaginal Secretions b) Semen c) Blood d) All of the listed answers
When sperm and egg meet
a) Fertilization b) Ovulation c) Menstruation d) Circumcision
Removal of the forskin on the penis
a) Menstruation b) Ovulation c) Ovarian Cancer d) Circumcision
The monthly cycle in women when the uterine lining breaks down and is discharged with blood and an unfertilized egg through the vagina is
a) Ovulation b) Menstruation c) Fertilization d) Puberty
Male Hormone
a) Estrogen b) Epididymis c) Testosterone d) Menstruation
Female Hormone
a) Testosterone b) Menstruation c) Ovulation d) Estrogen
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