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when the foreskin is retracted and cannot be moved over the glans
a) paraphimosis b) phimosis c) priapism d)
prolonged penile erection that is not related to sexual desire
a) priapism b) phimosis c) paraphimosis d)
All can cause infertlity except
a) small testicles b) mumps c) STI's d) Cryptorchidism
best time or place to do self testicular exam
a) after warm shower b) first thing in the morning c) in a cool room d) after intercourse
cancer common in young men ages 10-34
a) testicular b) prostate c) penile d) rectal
when the penile foreskin cannot be retracted exposing the glans
a) phimosis b) paraphimosis c) priapism d)
Common age related change causing enlargement of prostate gland
a) BPH b) Testicular torsion c) chlamydia d)
Treatment for epididymitis
a) scrotal support b) local heat c) orchiectomy d) foley
Can lead to reduced fertility or sterilty
a) orchitis b) prostatitis c) epididymitis d) cold
Test recommended for all men over age 50
a) PSA b) CA-125 c) CT scan d) Self testicular exam
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