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one-celled or many celled eukaryotic organism that lives in moist or wet surroundings
a) protists b) algae c) protozoan d) cilia
plantlike protists
a) algae b) protozoan c) flagellum d) cilia
one-celled, animal-like protist
a) protozoan b) cilia c) pseudopod d) algae
long, thin, whiplike structure used for movement
a) flagellum b) pseudopod c) protozoan d) cilia
short, threadlike structures that extend from the cell membrance and help the organism move quickly
a) cilia b) pseudopod c) flagellum d) protist
temporary extension of cytoplasm that helps some protists move
a) pseudopod b) protist c) cilia d) protozoan
Which plantlike protist forms glasslike boxes?
a) diatoms b) dinoflagellates c) red algae d) brown algae
which plantlike protist is one-celled and has no cell wall?
a) Euglanoids b) brown algae c) diatoms d) green algae
Which plant like protist has brown pigment?
a) brown algae b) red algae c) green algae d) dinogflagellate
Which has algae in it?
a) makeup b) shoes c) penicls d) bread
__________ protists produce spores like fungi and must take in food from outside sources
a) funguslike b) organisms c) parasites d) dead leaves
Slime molds use ____________ to move.
a) pseudopods b) organisms c) downy molds d) dead organisms
Slime molds live on rotting logs or ____________.
a) dead leaves b) pseudopods c) downy molds d) dead organisms
_____________ and mildews grow as a mass of threads over organisms.
a) downy molds b) pseudopods c) parasites d) organisms
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