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a long narrow crack in Earth's crust
a) fault b) plateau c) seismograph d) earthquake
a tall landform that rises to a peak
a) mountain b) volcano c) plateau d) fold
a tool that measures the waves from an earthquake
a) seismograph b) mountain c) fold d) fault
a bend in rock layers
a) fold b) volcano c) earthquake d) seismograph
a high landform with a flat top
a) plateau b) seismic wave c) fold d) earthquake
this moves outward from the source of an earthquake
a) seismic wave b) seismograph c) volcano d) earthquake
an opening in Earth's crust through which gases and melted rock pass
a) volcano b) fold c) mountain d) fault
when the rock in Earth's crust shakes this occurs
a) earthquake b) seismograph c) volcano d) fault
Which of these BEST describes what Earth's plates are made of?
a) broken pieces of Earth's crust b) Earth's mantle and crust c) hardened lava d) melted rock
When a sudden living of ocean crust occurs, what happens?
a) Tsunami b) Volcano c) Fault d) Earthquake
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