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An object that is slowing down has ______________ acceleration.
a) negative b) neutral c) positive d) sad
What is the appropriate equation for acceleration?
a) a=change in motion/time b) a=change in speed/time c) a=change in velocity/time d) a=b+c
a phyical quantity that is specified by both a size and a direction
a) vector b) velocity c) victor d) rector
This is the speed of an object at a specific point in time
a) motion b) average speed c) velocity d) instantaneous speed
What is the distance an direction of an object from its starting point?
a) displacement b) position c) motion d) distance
What refers to all of the forces acting on an object?
a) unbalanced force b) balanced force c) net force d) the force (Luke, I am your father)
This can describe an object's change in velocity or direction.
a) acceleration b) velocity c) speed d) average speed
What is the distance traveled per unit of time?
a) velocity b) speed c) acceleration d) motion
What IS NOT considered acceleration?
a) going faster b) changing lanes c) slowing down d) turning a corner
The length of the path an object travels
a) speed b) motion c) distance d) displacement
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