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Together, the anther and the filament make up the
a) ovary b) pistil c) stamen d) stepal
The process by which water evaporates from a plant's leaves is known as
a) transpiration b) percipitation c) condensation d) evaporation
A group of similar cells that perform a specific function in an organism
a) cell membrane b) cells c) tissue d) cotylendons
The energy that powers photosythesis comes from
a) water b) chemicals c) oxygen d) the sun
Root hairs help a plant
a) transport food to the root b) absorb water and nutrients c) protect the root d) store food
In what plant cell structure is water stored?
a) chloroplast b) cell wall c) vacuole d) cytoplasm
The leaf's cuticle
a) stores water b) reduces evaporation c) transports water in the leaf d) absorbs water for the leaf
The stages of a plant's life cycle are
a) sporophyte and spore. b) sporophyte and gametophyte. c) spore and gametophyte. d) egg and gametophyte.
Germination will not happen unless a seed
a) is dispersed far from the plant that produced it. b) absorbs water. c) uses its stored food. d) grows stamens and a pistil.
What happens in the phloem?
a) water moves up from the roots b) food moves down from the leaves c) food moves up from roots d) water moves down to roots
What part of a woody stem forms rings that indicate that tree's age?
a) xylem b) phloem c) cambium d) inner bark
Gases pass in and out of a leaf through the
a) phloem b) xylem c) cuticle d) stomata
What produces egg and sperm cells during the life cycle of a plant?
a) gamete b) gametophyte c) sporophyte d) zygote
Why must ferns live in moist environments?
a) to transport spores to new locations b) to transport water to all cells c) so that egg and sperm cells can join d) so that fiddleheads develop for food
What part of a plant transports water and nutrients from the root to the plant's stem and leaves.
a) root hairs b) phloem c) xylem d) cuticle
All of the following is a root function except
a) water absorption b) food storage c) plant anchoring d) food production
Which of these is not a vascular plant?
a) moss b) maple tree c) tulip d) venus fly trap
Plants that complete a life cycle within one growing season are called?
a) perennials b) annuals c) biennials d) centennial
In plants, sexual reproduction occurs when a sperm cell and an egg cell unite to form a?
a) spore b) egg c) sex cell d) zygote
Nonvascular plants are low growing because of their ______________ cell walls.
a) thick b) tough c) thin d) dense
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