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When x and y axes meet, they form a
a) line b) quadrant c) negative integers d) positive integers
A flat surface that extend forever in all direction is
a) plane b) parallel line c) square d) quadrant
A polygon with ten sides
a) pentagon b) nonagon c) octagon d) decagon
two lines meet at a certain point but doesn't form right angles
a) intersecting line b) parallel lines c) perpendicular lines d) vertix
an intersecting line that forms 4 right angles
a) quadrant b) adjacent angles c) perpendicular lines d) parallel lines
what do you call a point where 2 lines meet
a) ratio b) sides c) vertex d) angle
A pentagon is a polygon with
a) 3 sides b) 9 sides c) 5 sides d) no sides
What do you call a polygon with nine sides?
a) nonagon b) pentagon c) octagon d) quadrilateral
A quadrant where both x and y are negative is
a) 1st quadrant b) 2nd quadrant c) 3rd quadrant d) 4th quadran
X and X axes are both positive is quadrant
a) I b) II c) III d) IV
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