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sun:sky grass:
a) green b) ground c) summer d) fall
car:road plane:
a) fly b) jet c) sky d) wings
hot:cold wet:
a) dry b) soaked c) rain d) cold
sun:day moon:
a) night b) sky c) stars d) milkway
fish:water bird:
a) wings b) fly c) beak d) air
apple:fruit broccoli:
a) lettuce b) banana c) vegetable d) nuts
Bear: cave shark:
a) teeth b) danger c) water d) land
foot:shoe hand:
a) wash b) dry c) mitten d) hat
ear: listen eye:
a) see b) blink c) think d) two
hot: summer cold:
a) Alaska b) North Pole c) winter d) snow
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