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to put a chart in an excel spreadsheet, which tab would you use?
a) insert b) page layout c) view d) chart
what is the final step of a mail merge?
a) finish and merge b) finalize c) insert merge fields d) select recipients
to rename a worksheet, you ...
a) right click the sheet tab b) right click anywhere in the sheet c) page layout tab, rename group d) double click the column heading
which of the following is a merge field?
a) last_name b) insert c) building_block d) use existing list
which of the following is not a step in a mail merge?
a) sort records b) select recipients c) preview results d) insert merge fields
A collection of info that can be sorted and selected quickly. These are organized into fields, records, and files
a) database b) spreadsheet c) merge field d) sort
formulas are used in which office program?
a) excel b) powerpoint c) word d) publisher
formulas always begin with what?
a) = b) * c) a1 d) $
which of the following was our database for the mail merge project
a) list of congressman in excel b) list of congressman in Word c) ghi sheet in excel d) research sheet
A function that allows the user to insert varying info in form letters, envelopes, and other mass mail
a) mail merge b) insert graph c) database d) letter
cells that run vertically on a spreadsheet. These are represented by letters
a) columns b) rows c) sheets d) parthenon
cells that run horizontally across a spreadsheet. These are represented by numbers
a) rows b) columns c) spreadsheets d) cells
Microsoft Word is a spreadsheet program
a) false b) true c) quadratic equation d) bill gates
also called a sheet. These can be renamed. They are represented by individual tabs within a workbook
a) worksheet b) workbook c) cells d)
An excel ______________ is a spreadsheet that contains multiple worksheets
a) workbook b) document c) spreadsheet d) sheet tab
which tab would you use to change the background of a chart?
a) format b) design c) layout d)
if you are not able to move a chart or picture freely, what do you have to change?
a) text wrapping b) formatting c) font style d) position on page
to insert a header or footer in a document you can double click at the top or bottom of the page
a) true b) false c) pancakes d) muffins
a header appears at the top of every page of the document
a) true b) false c) frue d) tralse
preview results turns one letter into several different letters
a) false b) true c) strawberry jam d) grape jelly
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