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To interfere with someone else’s concerns
a) Meddle b) Deprive c) Cauldron d)
Lacking the things needed for a comfortable and successful life
a) Lolling b) Condemned c) Deprived d)
Lay around lazilly
a) Lolling b) Livid c) Beseech d)
To beg
a) Manacle b) Beseech c) Interlude d)
a) Manacle b) Beseech c) Interlude d)
a) Livid b) Monocle c) Manacle d)
Very angry
a) Livid b) Deprived c) Convalascene d)
A big pot
a) Cauldron b) Lucidity c) Deprivation d)
A state of returning to health
a) Deprivation b) Convalescence c) Lolling d)
Supplies and Food
a) Constraint b) Provisions c) Restrictions d)
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