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What is true about a seedless plant?
a) the plant doesn't make seeds b) the plant uses spores to reproduce c) the plant could be nonvascular or vascular d) all of the choices
Which is not a seedless nonvascular pant?
a) ferns b) liverworts c) hornworts d) mosses
Which is not a seedless vascular plant?
a) mosses b) club mosses c) ferns d) horsetails
Why are liverworts small?
a) they are nonvascular b) they are not like mosses c) they are vascular d) they are not like horsetails
the leaf stalk of a vascular seedless plant is called a
a) frond b) rhizoid c) rhizome d) root
the rootlike structure in nonvascular plants is called a
a) frond b) rhizoid c) rhizome d) root
The gametophytes of ________________ are flat and fat
a) hornworts b) both male and female liverworts c) mosses d) club mosses
Which plants can be made into coal?
a) seedless vascular b) angiosperms c) gymnosperms d) seedless nonvascular
the underground stem that vascular seedless plants have is called a
a) rhizome b) root c) rhizoid d) frond
the ends of the fronds of a _______________ are called fiddleheads
a) fern's sporophyte b) fern's gametophyte c) horsetail's sporophyte d) horsetail's gametophyte
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