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Which of the following strategies would help in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa?
a) education and prevention b) more tourism c) fewer children d) fewer pets
Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the educational systems of Kenya and Sudan?
a) Females in Sudan have less access to education than females in Kenya. b) Females in Kenya have less access to education than females in Sudan. c) Males in Kenya and Sudan do not have access to education. d) Males and females have equal access to education in Sudan.
As a parliamentary democracy, how is the president of South Africa elected?
a) All citizens vote for the president. b) The National Assembly elects the president. c) The president is appointed by the prime minister. d) The president is elected by the Cabinet.
Which type of government exists when a small group exercises control over a country and the role of the citizen is limited?
a) oligarchy b) autocracy c) democracy d) stratocracy
The leader of a parliamentary system is often called the:
a) prime minister b) president c) vice-president d) chancellor
The purpose of the Pan-African movements in Africa is to:
a) create a unified political identity b) create one African language c) create one African government d) develop one unified African economic system
Why is Nelson Mandela’s election as president of South Africa significant?
a) He was the first non-white president. b) He received 100% of the vote. c) He was elected by members of the United Nations. d) He was a citizen of a different country.
What was F.W. de Klerk's role in recent South African history?
a) He released Nelson Mandela from prison and worked with him to end apartheid. b) He formed a pro-apartheid political party. c) He had Nelson Mandela imprisoned during his entire presidential term. d) He was elected president in 2005.
Nationalism in Kenya and Nigeria led to:
a) independence b) poverty c) illiteracy d) the spread of HIV/AIDS
What effect did the policy of apartheid have on South Africa?
a) It deprived black South Africans of basic human rights. b) It made South Africa the most prosperous country in Africa. c) It provided jobs for migrant workers from other parts of Africa. d) It encouraged black South Africans to participate in the government.
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