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Outside the cell membrane, a plant cell as a _________ that is strong and stiff
a) cell membrane b) cell wall c) cytoplasm d) cell
Storing food and water for the cell is one of the jobs for a _________
a) nucleus b) cell c) vacuole d) organelle
Inside a plant cell, a chemical in the __________ takes in sunlight for making food
a) organism b) cell wall c) cytoplasm d) chloroplasts
In the cytoplasm, the _________ use oxygen and sugar to make energy
a) vacuole b) mitochondria c) organelle d) cytoplasm
The clear, thick gel between the cell membrane and the nucleus is part of the _____________
a) chloroplasts b) cytoplasm c) cell d) organism
Smallest part of a living thing that carries out the activities needed for life
a) nucleus b) cell c) cell wall d) vacuole
The thin, soft surface that protects a cell and holds it together is the __________
a) cell b) cell wall c) organelle d) cell membrane
The nucleus is the ______________ that has the job of controlling the cell's activities
a) organelle b) organism c) vacuole d) cell
The cell's activities are controlled by the __________
a) vacuole b) organism c) cell d) nucleus
A large __________has more cells than a small one
a) cytoplasm b) organism c) organelle d) nucleus
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