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any part of a cell that has its own job
a) organism b) vacuoles c) cells d) organelle
organelle that stores things such as food, water and waste
a) organelle b) nucleus c) cells d) vacuoles
the strong, stiff outer surface of a plant cell gives shape to the plant cell
a) cell wall b) cytoplasm c) cell membrane d) cells
organelle in a plant cell that makes food for the cell
a) organism b) chloroplasts c) cytoplasm d) cells
the thin, outside surface of an animal cell
a) cell membrane b) cytoplasm c) cell wall d) cells
the smallest part of a living thing that can carry out the activities needed for life
a) nucleus b) cell wall c) vacuoles d) cells
the organelle that controls the cell's activities
a) cells b) organism c) vacuoles d) nucleus
rod-shaped organelles that make energy for the cell. the powerhouse.
a) cytoplasm b) vacuoles c) mitochondria d) organelle
a living thing
a) organism b) organelle c) nucleus d) cells
the clear, thick gel inside a cell in which the organelles float
a) vacuoles b) cytoplasm c) cells d) chloroplasts
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