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What scientific situation explains why the fields near the Nile had rich soil?
a) desalinization b) temerature c) erosion d) diffusion
Which religion is not monotheistic?
a) Judaism b) Christianity c) Islam d) Hinduism
Ancient migration often occurred due to ______.
a) food shortages b) economic satisfaction c) democratic elections d) mineral prospecting
The earliest human settlements can be consistently found where?
a) diversified operational cessations b) inland coastal climates c) arboreal locales d) river valleys
Subsistence economies produce
a) enough for a change of government b) enough for a long-lasting supply c) enough for immediate use d) enough for a cultural migration
Carthage was found on the site of this modern day nation.
a) Thailand b) Tunisia c) Togo d) Tanzania
The only form of government that can exist without voting
a) republic b) direct democracy c) representative democracy d) monarchy
This is most relevant when dealing with temperature.
a) horizon b) lattitude c) Prime Meridian d) longitude
What country is not in Africa?
a) Mali b) Mauritania c) Morocco d) Monaco
What country is NOT part of North America
a) El Salvador b) Paraguay c) Costa Rica d) Guatemala
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