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In paragraph 3, what is the prefix in the word 'uninterested'?
a) interest b) uninter c) un d) interested
What is the setting of the story?
a) in modern times in the woods b) long ago by a creek c) recently in the king's castle d) long ago in the king's castle
in paragraph 2, the sentence 'The law said they had to boil their water, so they set up a fire and pot near a bush' is what kind of sentence?
a) simple b) compound c) complex d) difficult
In paragraph 3, what word could be used to replace 'scent'
a) route b) crevice c) aroma d) introduce
What does the word 'pleas' mean in paragraph 3?
a) polite request b) make happy c) cries d) formal statements
Why didn't the servants want to drink the water?
a) It was brown b) Shen Nong told them not to c) They weren't thirsty d) Shen Nong drank it and said it was bad
In paragraph 3, what does 'scent' mean
a) smell b) mailed c) money d) moved
In paragraph 1, the word 'passed' means
a) history b) created c) moved by d) long ago
What does the word 'some' mean in paragraph 2?
a) a number b) admirable c) an amount of money d) a little bit of
Which statement is an opinion?
a) While the fire heated the water, some leaves fell into the pot. b) The servants begged him to let them get new water. c) That was the very first pot of tea. d) This is the most delicious drink I've ever had!
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