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What do we call someone who travels to a foreign country to spread religion or do charity work?
a) Presidio b) Missionary c) Carpetbagger d) Conquistador
How did the Chinese feel about European trade items?
a) They rejected many European trade offers b) They believed they had superior items c) They only wanted silver in exchange for items d) All
Which empire crumbled and allowed Great Britain to gain control of India?
a) Gupta b) Mughal c) Spanish d) Vader
What is the complete control of a trade item or market?
a) Monopoly b) Oligarchy c) Capitalism d) Communism
Which country emerged as the main controller of India?
a) Spain b) Portugal c) France d) Great Britain
What is a territory ruled by a far away country?
a) Empire b) State c) Colony d) City-state
What was a valuable trade item for Europe and Asia in the 1500's?
a) Spices b) Gold c) Uranium d) Plutoniam
Who controlled trade because of their location in relationship to the location of the Crusades?
a) Italy b) Spain c) Portugal d) Great Britain
What was an item the Chinese had for trade?
a) Jade b) All c) Silk d) Porcelain
Who helped make Portugal a world leader in exploration and influenced a generation of explorers?
a) Christopher Columbus b) Dias c) Prince Henry the Navigator d) All
Who negotiated a trade deal between Portugal and India?
a) da Gama b) Cabral c) Dias d) Magellan
What did the Chinese call the Europeans who came to trade with them?
a) Admirable allies b) Great friends c) Foreign devils d) Smart sailors
Who sailed to the tip of Africa?
a) Dias b) da Gama c) Columbus d) Vespucci
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