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What means to treat someone harshly due to their religious or political beliefs?
a) Persecute b) Prosecute c) Discriminate d) Dominate
Which European discovered the Western Hemisphere for Europe?
a) Dias b) Vespucci c) Columbus d) Polo
Who was an Italian explorer that first mapped the Americas?
a) Columbus b) Vespucci c) Bonaducci d) Monaco
What means to sail around the world?
a) Circumference b) Circumnavigate c) Circus Maximus d) Certification
How did the Portuguese establish a trade relationship with ports in Africa and India?
a) By force b) By negotiations c) Colonization d) They never did establish ports
Which Asian country was able to resist control by the Europeans? (
a) China b) Japan c) None d) None
Which of the following is a country that hoped to benefit from spice trade with east Asia?
a) Great Britain b) All c) Portugal d) Holland (The Dutch)
Who is the only country to establish a long-term trade relationship with Japan?
a) United States b) The Dutch c) The British d) The Portuguese
What was a waterway that goes through or around North America? (
a) Panama Canal b) Northwest Passage c) Northeast Passage d) Suez Canal
Who was a merchant from Italy that explored Asia and brought back spices for the Europeans?
a) Cabral b) da Gama c) Polo d) Magellan
Which of the following was a trade practice that began as Portugal explored Africa?
a) Spice trade b) Gold trade c) Tobacco trade d) Slave trade
Who was the Portuguese explorer to reach India by all water route?
a) da Gama b) Dias c) Cabral d) Magellan
What is a narrow strip of land that connects two larger areas of land?
a) Canal b) Isthmus c) Strait d) Butte
Who was the Spanish explorer that reached the Isthmus of Panama?
a) Balboa b) Vespucci c) Dias d) Columbus
Who is given the credit as the first to circumavigate the globe?
a) Columbus b) Magellan c) da Gama d) Dias
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