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What form of energy is produced and transmitted by vibrations?
a) Light b) Space c) Exercising d) Sound
Sound travels in ____.
a) waves b) cars c) a taxi cab d) a straight line
The ________ of sound is the number of vibrations in a given amount of time.
a) frequency b) hertz c) decibels d) pitch
The ______ of sound is the distance between compressions.
a) wavelength b) amplitude c) energy d) compression
What is determined by the frequency of a vibrating object?
a) pitch b) energy c) quality of sound d) overtones
Which state of matter allows sound to travel the fastest?
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) plasma
Why does sound travel the slowest through gases?
a) The molecules are farthest apart. b) The molecues are too close together c) The molecules don't like each other. d) There are no molecules
How do musical instruments produce sound?
a) They vibrate b) They move up and down c) By plucking or hitting them d) The really reflect sound, no produce it
Sound must travel through _____.
a) all of the other answers b) gases c) liquids d) solids
Which unit measure the frequency of sound?
a) hertz b) decibels c) inches d) feet
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