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quickness in learning and understanding; intelligence; natural born ability
a) obsolete b) aptitude c) transgression d) imploringly
disrespectful in speech or behavior; grouchily; irritable; hot-headed
a) aptitude b) transgression c) petulantly d) phenomenon
extremely careful and precise; detailed;carefully
a) transgression b) meticulously c) phenomenon d) solace
to criticize severely; scolding;punishment
a) meticulously b) solace c) assuage d) chastisement
an unusual occurrence; a marvel
a) phenomenon b) solace c) assuage d) aptitude
to make something painful less intense or severe; ease pain; soothe
a) obsolete b) assuage c) imploringly d) transgression
no longer in use
a) obsolete b) phenomenon c) solace d) petulantly
to make an urgent appeal
a) meticulously b) petulantly c) imploringly d) assuage
comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or distress
a) assuage b) chastisement c) solace d) transgression
a violation of a law, command, or duty
a) aptitude b) transgression c) chastisement d) phenomenon
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