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Mr Gleason is...
a) An Awesome Teacher b) Your Favorite Teacher c) An All-American Rugby Player d) Super Smart
Congress has 2 houses, they are...
a) Senator and Congressman b) Executive and Judicial c) House of Representatives and Senate d) Whitehouse and Capitol Hill
When a congressman refers to the people they represent, they are called
a) representatives b) constituents c) the people d) lobbyists
Interest groups hire former legislators to work as:
a) Lobbyists b) Constituents c) Speakers d) Fillibusters
Interest groups have powerful fundraising tools called?
a) Banquets b) Big Spenders c) Bank Rolls d) Political Action Committee - PAC
Your House of Representatives congressman is:
a) Tammy Baldwin b) Reid Ribble c) Herb Kohl d) Tim Hanna
A state's number of representatives is based on...?
a) Population b) Districts c) The constitution d) A random number
Only congress can....
a) Declare a law unconstitutional b) Veto bills c) Fillibuster d) Declare War
The Speaker of the House is...?
a) Nancy Pelosi b) Joe Biden c) John Boehner d) Eric Cantor
The leader of the Senate is...?
a) The Vice President b) President Pro Tempore c) Majority Whip d) Gonzo
Most of the work done on making laws happens in...?
a) An office b) Committees c) Elections d) Town Hall Meetings
The president can stop a law through a process called...?
a) Compromise b) Cloture c) Fillibuster d) Veto
There are many types of committees. Which does not belong?
a) Cloture Committees b) Standing Committees c) Joint Committees d) Conference Committees
How many members are there in the Senate
a) 50 b) 100 c) 435 d) 36
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