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A type of software that creates a user interface and supports the workings of computer devices and software programs that perform specific jobs.
a) Information b) Operating system c) Computer d) Data
An electronic device capable of interpreting and executing program instructions and data and performing the required operations to produce the desired results.
a) Internet b) Web page c) Personal computer d) Computer
Data that has been processed to make it useful for a specific purpose, such as making a decision.
a) Data b) Hardware c) Information d) Software
A single-user computer capable of performing its own input, processing, output, and storage.
a) Computer b) Personal computer c) Internet d) Operating system
Programs containing instructions that direct the operation of the computer system and the written documentation that explains how to use the programs.
a) Software b) Hardware c) Data d) Internet
Raw, unprocessed information.
a) Information b) Computer c) Data d) Operating system
A worldwide network of computers linked together via communications software and media for the purpose of sharing information; the largest and best-known network in the world.
a) Network b) Web page c) Data d) Internet
An electronic document stored at a location on the Web; the document can contain text, images, sound, and video and may provide links to other Web pages.
a) Internet b) Web Page c) Data d) Software
A group of two or more computers, software, and other devices that are connected by means of one or more communications media.
a) Network b) Personal Computer c) Computer d) Operating system
All physical components that compose the system unit and other devices connected to it, such as a keyboard or monitor.
a) Hardware b) Software c) Operating system d) Computer
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