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A wave carries
a) energy b) matter c) water d) air
The highest part of a wave is the
a) trough b) amplitude c) surface d) crest
The lowest part of a wave is the
a) trough b) amplitude c) surface d) crest
Which type of waves produce the most severe ground movements?
a) transverse b) surface waves c) P waves d) S waves
In a given medium, if the frequency of a wave increases, its
a) wavelength increases b) speed increases c) amplitude increases d) wavelength decreases
The distance between one crest and the next crest is the wave's
a) amplitude b) wavelength c) frequency d) speed
The bending of a wave due to a change in its speed
a) interference b) diffraction c) reflection d) refraction
______ are seismic waves that arrive at the destined point first.
a) S waves b) P waves c) Surface waves d) T waves
When earthquakes occur underwater they cause huge surface waves on the ocean called ____.
a) resonance b) maximum c) frequency d) tsunami
Seismic waves that do not travel through liquids are
a) P Waves b) S Waves c) Surface waves d) Tsunamis
____ occurs when vibrations traveling through an object match the object's natural frequency.
a) diffraction b) resonance c) frequency d) tsunami
_____ occurs when two waves combine to make a wave with a larger amplitude.
a) P Waves b) Destructive interference c) Cooperation d) Constructive interference
The bending of waves around the edge of a barrier is ____.
a) diffraction b) reflection c) infraction d) radiation
_____ is the number of complete waves that pass a given point in a certain amount of time.
a) diffraction b) resonance c) maximum d) frequency
The distance between two corresponding parts of a wave is its _____________.
a) amplitude b) medium c) wavelength d) constructive interference
The _______ amplitude is the maximum distance the particles of the medium carrying the wave move away from their rest positions.
a) wavelength b) frequency c) tsunami d) maximum
_______ are created when a source of energy causes a medium to vibrate.
a) amplitude b) diffraction c) waves d) maximum
______ is the material that a wave travels through.
a) amplitude b) medium c) wavelength d) constructive interference
Frequency is measured in units of
a) seconds b) meters c) hertz d) decibels
A slinky is an example of what kind of wave?
a) longitudinal b) transverse c) surface d) mechanical
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