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When did the French and Indian War end?
a) 1763 b) 1775 c) 1781 d) 1783
When did the Revolution begin?
a) 1775 b) 1776 c) 1781 d) 1783
When did the Battle of Yorktown take place?
a) 1775 b) 1776 c) 1781 d) 1783
When was the Treaty of Paris signed ending the Revolution?
a) 1776 b) 1781 c) 1783 d) 1800
When was Thomas Jefferson elected to the presidency for the first time?
a) 1775 b) 1776 c) 1800 d) 1828
When did the corrupt bargain election take place?
a) 1800 b) 1824 c) 1828 d) 1832
When did Jackson win the popular vote for the second time?
a) 1824 b) 1828 c) 1832 d) 1836
Who was the major opponent of Jackson in 1824?
a) J. Q. Adams b) W. H. Harrison c) R. N. Nixon d) W. J. Bryan
When did the Civil War begin?
a) 1775 b) 1776 c) 1860 d) 1861
When did the election take place which officially ended Reconstruction?
a) 1864 b) 1876 c) 1896 d) 1900
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