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The trachea branches into two tubes known as the
a) alveoli b) bronchi c) bronchioles d) lungs
What is the sheet of muscle below the lungs that aids in breathing?
a) stomach b) biceps c) diaphragm d) liver
Which of the following represents the function of the respiratory system?
a) transports materials b) directs body functions c) protects against diseases d) takes in oxygen, gives of carbon dioxide
Which two body systems work closely together to pump oxygenated blood through the body?
a) skeletal and muscular b) muscular and circulatory c) respiratory and muscular d) respiratory and circulatory
What is the function of the heart?
a) transport blood b) carry nutrients to body c) oxygenate blood d) pump blood to body
Where does the exchange of food, oxygen and waste occur?
a) arteries b) veins c) capillaries d) lymph vessels
Which type of blood vessels carry blood away from the heart to the body?
a) arteries b) veins c) capillaries d) none of the above
As your heart rate increases, the amount of carbon dioxide you exhale -
a) increases b) decreases c) stays the same d) decreases then increases
In the human digestive system most nutrients are absorbed into the blood through the lining of the
a) esophagus b) stomach c) small intestine d) large intestine
Which of the following systems must work together to bring oxygen to a muscle?
a) digestive and respiratory b) respiratory and circulatory c) circulatory and reproductive d) digestive and reproductive
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